March Grand Vacations Award Winners

Breckenridge Grand Vacations is proud to award our employees for providing outstanding service to all of our owners and guests.


Take a look at our most recent winners!


Wes Adams

Bill Denio

Mike DiIulio

Kevin Milligan

Jon Paul

We typically stay two nights per week throughout the season at GTL and use the shuttle for two round trips each day (one to the ski area and one to town in the evening).  We continue to be impressed with the attitude, courtesy and helpfulness of the shuttle bus drivers. I wanted to pass this along in hopes that you can get our appreciation to the right folks in the organization, so the drivers receive deserved recognition for their helpful service.  


Kyle Brochu

Kyle was an absolute pleasure to work with. He provided excellent service throughout the week, was extremely patient, and has the most beautiful smile ever. I very rarely give service shout-outs, but Kyle was so incredible that I just had to say something!


Kyle Brochu

Felipe Calvillo

Debby Grosse

Monica Thinger

We want to recognize four individuals for exceptional service.  Debby has a “can do” attitude, shows the willingness to press through a situation though it may take some extra effort, and has a genuine, ever present smile.  She is a special part of our annual trip.  Monica helped set up our owner update before we arrived, and as we checked in with her after registering, she remembered the prior contact and called us by name, even remembered a conversation we had a year earlier!  Kyle always remembers our last name and greets us by name throughout our stay.  His restaurant recommendations are more than just a name; he tells us why he likes a certain place and who to talk to when we get there.  Felipe came to check out the A/C in our room.  When I opened the door, he stuck out his hand to shake, introduced himself by name, and told us why he was there.  The problem turned out to require more time than he had expected, and he was called away partway through.  He told us he’d be back to finish.  When we returned at the end of our day, we found a handwritten note explaining the follow-up and what he’d done to resolve the issue.  Keep up the great work, everyone!


Amy Leary

When I called with a question about my account, Amy not only answered it, but she "went the extra mile" to help me straighten out the documentation that I needed in order to remove my late husband's name and social security number. Then she made sure that I will receive a corrected 1098 for my taxes as well as receive the original death certificate back. She was consistently pleasant, respectful, and efficient - a winning combination!


Jay Nguyen

Your customer service team sets the gold standard in customer care, and from my perspective, Jay has achieved an even higher standard of excellence!  In the past 3 weeks, Jay has helped me with a number of reservation issues that run the gamut including bonus time, selling our week on the open market, Short Stay exchange questions, BGV Points, and everything in between.

Not only is Jay an expert on every topic, but he goes above and beyond to make sure I have an email with notes and follow-up information from our call.  He's also reached out to the guests who are renting our unit over spring break, and made sure they will feel right at home during their stay.  As leaders of such an amazing customer-centered organization, you have much to be proud of; but when it comes to having a shining star like Jay on the team, you are truly blessed.


Stephanie Raymond

We mistakenly thought we were paying on our membership dues when we purchased an upgrade through Interval in December.  When the dues statements were issued in early 2017, we couldn’t understand why they didn’t reflect this payment.  We made calls to your Accounts Receivable Management department, and spoke with Stephanie.  Patiently and so kindly she investigated the situation.  At this point, when we realized we did not really know what we were buying, she said, “I’ll see what can be done; maybe your money will be refunded.”  And she accomplished just that.  Even if my money had not been refunded, Stephanie’s willingness and concern to intervene would have earned my appreciation.  You should be glad you have this kind of employee representing BGV, contributing to your reputation.


Audrey Sabo

Audrey is the best.  She went out of her way to help us get a unit for an additional night.  She saved me from just calling back many times a day and offered to keep on top of finding an option for us.  She not only saved me tons of time, she got the unit for us and saved your OR staff a lot of additional time answering phone calls from me.  She is exemplary and should be an example for the rest of your team.


Matt Steffen

The concierge staff has been fantastic, specifically Matt Steffen. He took time to help me work out how I use bonus time both online and over the phone. It's thanks to the fact that he took the time to help us with this that we have been able to use the facilities so often. I was originally considering selling the timeshare, however thanks to Matt's help,

I intend to pay it off next month and keep it. Matt is now my go-to when I know that he's working.


Clark Strohecker  (2 nominations)

What an amazing asset Clark is to your team! We have worked together on multiple reservations and I absolutely love working with him. Clark has an amazing attitude, you can always feel his smile, he is courteous and he is always willing to go the extra mile to make the ownership work for us.


I have been working in customer service for decades and have never experienced service as great as Clark’s.  He is exceptionally caring and helpful.  Keep up the great work!


If you have received outstanding service from one of our employees and think they should be recognized, nominate them for an award here!


For past GVA Winners, click here!

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