November Grand Vacations Award Winners

The Grand Vacations Award is an ongoing program to recognize employees who show superior commitment to the Breckenridge Grand Vacations mission, Our Family Commitment: Always GRAND Vacations!

Because the success of Breckenridge Grand Vacations depends on the exemplary efforts of each and every employee, we want to recognize our staff members whose behavior toward owners and guests exhibits the positive attitude and service for which Breckenridge Grand Vacations has come to be known.

Here are our most recent winners!

Andrea Verzantvoort: Andrea is a treasure and a wonderful representative for your company and this property. We had a bit of trouble when we checked in, but she was warm, friendly, and completely took care of us. Then, my husband had to return to Denver for work and drive back up Friday afternoon. He got stuck in the I70 traffic mess and closures and missed the drop off time for our dogs at the Dog House in Breck. When he finally arrived, he figured he would have to drive all the way back but we asked just in case there was any way our dogs could be accommodated. Andrea was able to get us set up in an additional dog friendly room, but before that actually offered to take our dogs home with her!! We were so impressed with her helpfulness and caring attitude. When you talk about “welcome home” and “family” it is just words. But it is actions of the people who work here that demonstrate, reflect, and support that philosophy. People like Andrea make you walk away with a smile and desire to return!

Courtney Suedekum: On the evening of November 10th, my wife was not feeling well. We decided to leave. She had to return a robe to the grotto. It was 7:10 pm. I waited in the room, but she never returned. I notified the front desk and they put me in contact with Scott Wilson. He helped me search for my wife. We found her at 8:30 pm passed out and unresponsive on the restroom floor near the ski lockers. Courtney got juice to try to help wake my wife and she called 911. My wife was taken to the hospital in Frisco where the Doctors worked on her and she had made a full recovery. I want to thank Courtney and the whole staff that helped my wife.

Max Pinto: Max was very helpful in helping me unpack my car as I was checking in by myself this day. He unloaded everything in the room and asked if I needed anything else.  I told him we could use a couple more robes as there would be more people coming in the next couple days. He gladly went down, got the robes and came right back. Very nice kid with excellent customer service skills!

Reed Davis: I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that Reed went above and beyond to make our recent stay remarkable. We had traded our timeshare for 2 one-bedroom units at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7; so, we could host my best friend and his family. My friend is one of the most highly decorated member of our Special Operations community and has done more for this country than most people will ever know.  He recently retired and his family has endured countless sacrifices due to his many years of service.  They don’t have the opportunity to experience many vacations; and even less as a family together, so this was a treat we were looking forward to having them enjoy. To have them in Unit 1507A was fantastic!  But what Reed and your team did in addition, really was something. Yes, the basket with champagne, chocolates and treats was certainly a surprise for them. But when he saw the card that everyone had signed with short notes about his service – this was something that just stopped him cold. (And that’s not something that is easy to do with him!)

He is a true hero that never wanted or expected medals, money, or recognition.  He did what he did for us, because he’s just that kind of guy. To have people take the time to write those notes, was something I can’t describe to you. I just watched him quietly come back to the card a number of times throughout the day, and re-read the comments. What your team did mattered. Please thank Reed and your team for me; my wife and I were thoroughly impressed. They made a very special man and his family feel like just maybe, some of their sacrifices were worth it because someone cared. With humble gratitude, Scott D. Southworth

Taylor Chalmers: We love The Grand Lodge on Peak 7! Taylor thank you for watching out for us & changing our room from a suite to a 1 bedroom for our 42nd anniversary. The Owner Support Team always does everything they can to make our stay a great getaway! The wonderful front desk staff & concierge staff know us by name & do special things to truly make this our home away from home. They really treat us like family. We feel like the Resort is an elegant mountain lodge & are so thankful that we get to spend several weeks there each year.

Tina Zimmerman: We met Tina several years ago at Grand Timber and she has always been very helpful.  When we had reservation problems this year she offered to let us store food at her house until we found a place to stay.  Tina is always willing to help find a solution or a person to help solve problems.

Have you received outstanding service from one of our employees?

There is no limit to the number of times an employee can be nominated and recognized. Award winners will:

  • Receive a framed certificate recognizing their contribution
  • Be invited to lunch with one or more of the BGV owners and other winners the month following their award
  • Be entered into a drawing for prizes at the Holiday Party at the end of the year