Grand Vacations Award Winners

The Grand Vacations Award is an ongoing program to recognize employees who show superior commitment to the Breckenridge Grand Vacations mission, Our Family Commitment: Always GRAND Vacations!

Because the success of Breckenridge Grand Vacations depends on the exemplary efforts of each and every employee, we want to recognize our staff members whose behavior toward owners and guests exhibits the positive attitude and service for which Breckenridge Grand Vacations has come to be known.

Here are our most recent winners!

Becky Van Horn: Having worked extensively in customer service myself, I usually dread having to pick up the phone and call a company for a simple question—or even worse—resolve an actual problem.  Most interactions result in disappointment and failure with representatives who take no ownership or initiative.

Needless to say, I was not very optimistic about the outcome we wanted for a newly purchased second ownership at GTL that involved a unique transfer option.  Initial discussions did not yield any results, but fortunately we were finally connected with the amazing Becky.  Upon explaining the situation to her, Becky immediately made me feel comfortable that we could accomplish our goal and she went to work to execute it.  Becky explained that she had a direct contact at Interval and would work with them to find a solution and get back to me.  While it took a little time to work through the solution, Becky kept me updated and confident the entire time.  Furthermore, she delivered the transfer week to our control –  which is just what we had hoped for.  But there’s more…

Once the week was in our control, we were ready to select places for our vacation wish list.  However, with another rep, we were confused about the Interval certificate transfer cost.  After a brief pause, we circled directly back with Becky who resolved it on the spot.  Additionally, Becky took the time to consult with us on the way to select the choices for our wish list.  Her insights about Hawaii were particularly helpful and, within two days, she delivered a confirmed vacation to a superb resort in Oahu.

We are so excited about our new GTL ownership.  This would not have been the case without such a high level of customer service and expertise from Becky.  We truly appreciate what she did.

Billy Blalock: Billy has done a GREAT job for us this season coordinating services for the Shuttle Bus. We were at GTL for more than 25 nights this ski season and the shuttle service was flawless. As a driver, he is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful all around. A big thanks to Billy from us and we wanted you to know as well.

Dora DePergola: Dora stayed late to help modify our reservation, and this contributed very much to our outstanding visit. She accomplished all that she said she would, and emailed the verification to me an hour after she was supposed to go home.

Joe Demma: Joe was really great to work with. We have made a few trips to Breckenridge before, but we did not get the same service as we did with Joe. First, we set a budget of what we wanted to spend on hotel and lift tickets and he worked around those numbers to get us into town and into your great hotel. Joe had to make a few calls after booking to make sure we were all set up with everything else needed to get into town. He also made sure we had everything we needed when we got there. It was so well planned that we became owners and plan on coming back for years to come. I could tell from the beginning that this was going to be a great trip. Thanks Joe!

Russell Galloway and Daniel Bernlohr: We have stayed more than 25 nights at GTL this season and wanted to give a shout out for all of the staff. Most of our reservations were done online, but if we needed something special, the reservations folks were a great help. Each of the front desk staff was knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and professional. I would name them but would inevitably leave someone out. Russel and Daniel were the most visible at the Concierge desk were very helpful, friendly and professional. Shuttle drivers Bill, Matt, Shawn and Elan were our primary drivers and were just great. They always had a smile, even during the night of Ullr Fest when they put up with… well…Ullr Fest! And they were always helpful too. So, a big thank you to all the GTL folks who worked visibly and behind the scenes to make our stays there this ski season a wonderful experience. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

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Have you received outstanding service from one of our employees?

There is no limit to the number of times an employee can be nominated and recognized. Award winners will:

  • Receive a framed certificate recognizing their contribution
  • Be invited to lunch with one or more of the BGV owners and other winners the month following their award
  • Be entered into a drawing for prizes at the Holiday Party at the end of the year