Grand Moments: A Collection of Writing from our Owners

Grand Moments is a collection of writing from our owners, explaining what has made ownership with Breckenridge Grand Vacations so remarkable. These stories were submitted and 8 lucky winners were chosen! We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite stories below, so you can see why investing in fractional ownership with Breckenridge Grand Vacations is more than the basics; it helps you create Grand vacations that will last a lifetime.

  • Kathy Taussig
    We own at Grand Timber Lodge. Our daughter, her husband, and two children own at Grand Timber lodge, and our son, his wife, and their three children own at Grand Lodge. When our youngest son and his wife moved to Nashville to start medical school, we had a family go away l three-day weekend party where we all used our bonus time. We had a wonderful time as a family riding bikes, hiking, face painting, swimming, and eating lots of good food cooked by all the family.

    We love our ownership at Breckenridge. All of our grandchildren, children, and spouses love hanging out in Breckenridge together. GTL (short for Grand Timber Lodge) is our home away from home.

  • Rebecca Chester
    Our family had the most memorable trip April of 2014. Our kiddos are Colorado Natives, but had not returned or skied/boarded since we move a few years ago. This year we booked our winter week for spring break and got our favorite room at the Grand Lodge.

    The weather smiled down on us and a delightful 16 inches of fresh powder for our amazing week.
    The kids participated in the ski school and at Instructor Wes for 3 days – on our last family snowboarding day – we cruised up the independence chair as a family!

    Looking forward to our spring trip in ’15!

  • Tim Reilly
    Our Grand moment was when our family skied Peak 7 together for the first time! We bought at the Grand Lodge for a beautiful place to call HQ for our trips to Breck, and it has been great! Our daughter first learned to ski on Peak 8, and our family graduated to Peak 7 last year! The location and the amenities give us plenty of time to enjoy the mountain and be together. -The Reillys.
  • Terri Brantz
    Trying to WOW four post-teen kids is a difficult job at best for average parents. Trying to wow them at Christmastime, without spending a fortune or breaking the budget, is nearly impossible. Spending time in beautiful Breckenridge at Christmas did just that for our family of six. From the novelty of a ski-in, ski-out facility to the immaculately kept hot tubs and facilities, our Christmas trip has become our most talked-about vacation ever.

    We became owners at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 last fall, and this was our first time staying at the property. Our four college-aged kids were home for the holidays, so we loaded up people and gear to take them on a vacation to remember. The kids spent their days snowboarding, while we enjoyed the fireplace in our sitting room, the hot tubs on the patio, drinks in the lounge, and more. They snowboarded all day, soaked their sore muscles in the hot tubs at night, and took full advantage of the beautiful property there in Breckenridge. The first full day, our kids burst into the room after snowboarding until dark, and our younger son said, “Dad, this is the best vacation EVER!” His siblings all agreed enthusiastically, and haven’t stopped talking about it since. These four twenty-something young adults can’t wait to get together with the parents again and spend more time at Breckenridge together.

    The ski runs at Breckenridge offered plenty of challenges for our boys, who have snowboarded for years. They loved the expert runs, the challenging hills, and being able to snowboard full-on all day long. Our oldest son went all day with a broken binding because he didn’t want to stop and fix it and miss a moment of the best powder he’d ever seen. Our daughters are more novice boarders, but they found plenty of excitement on some of the gentler slopes, and had a great time learning new moves. The ski lifts allowed all four siblings to go together for their first few runs, so the brothers could show the sisters how it all worked. The ski-in, ski-out feature meant that we could all take time out for lunch together in our room, and a chance to change into dry clothing, before the afternoon skiing began again.

    This vacation was hands-down the best vacation our kids have ever had. They can’t wait for the next time we can all meet up again and spend time together, which is music to our ears. Our only regret is that we didn’t purchase a property earlier, so we could have had even more time to enjoy the slopes, the property, and the community of Breckenridge.

  • Michelle Rozales
    Being a Colorado native, my family and I have been making great memories in Breckenridge for years. My best memory, by far, however, is how I met my husband, Bruce, and how Breckenridge played a huge role in our meeting, and our wedding day. January 2012: as a new Grand Lodge on Peak 7 owner, I was in Breck enjoying my week on the slopes. On Wed. morning of that week, I grabbed the Independence SuperChair, via the singles lane. It was not crowded, and the gentleman behind me in the singles lane asked if he could ride up on the same chair. “Absolutely”, I answered, and we enjoyed a nice conversation, then went our separate ways at the top.

    The next morning, I started out on Independence again (ski in, ski out access is awesome, BTW). In the singles lane again, no crowd, and again, someone asks to join me on the same chair. I recognized the gentleman from the day before! We laughed at the coincidence, shared more great conversation, and went our separate ways at the top. Awhile later, again on Independence, via the singles lane, and we meet for a third time! What are the chances? In my near lifetime of skiing, I can’t recall meeting the same person on the chairlift more than once, let alone three times! By this point we had introduced ourselves, and once at the top, Bruce asked if I would like to join him for lunch and skiing. Not expecting his invitation, I was a bit taken aback and fell silent for a moment. He apologized for offending me, and quickly skied away. At first I thought, “There he goes”, but something inside said “Don’t let that man get away!” I quickly strapped on my poles and chased him down to the Rocky Mountain SuperChair, where I skied up behind him (he was looking over his shoulder) and, with a big smile, said “Hello, again!” We spent the remainder of the week skiing together, and clearly hit it off. Bruce is from MN, and I live in TX.

    At the conclusion of the week, it was painful going our separate ways, but we kept in touch, via phone, text, email, another ski week in Breck, and a couple of long weekend trips together. By Apr. of that year, Bruce had relocated to TX, and in Dec. we were engaged. Because Breckenridge is where we met, we decided to have our wedding there. On June 18, 2013, we were married at the top of the Independence SuperChair, with our families present. Breckenridge resort personnel played a huge role in the day going smoothly, from getting everyone to Peak 7 via 4×4, to the “Just Married” sign on our chair as we rode down the Colorado SuperChair. As added sentiment, we both wear the Breckenridge rings for our wedding bands. Breckenridge has always been a special place for us, we cherish our Grand Breck memory, and look forward to making more wonderful memories in Breckenridge.

  • Richard Stansfield
    We just cannot forget the grand majestic setting of Grand Lodge and all the beautiful mountains and trails and the beauty of the little town of Breckenridge. We truly cannot wait till we come up to Breckenridge and stay at Grand Lodge and being with family and sharing all the things we do with each other. Its so special to ski,hike, and go bowling as a family and go to dinner at all the great places to eat in Breckenridge, its so special to spent that time with family. This is truly the real reason Grand Lodge is so special to family and a grand way to get family together and share special times with each other. Also the grand people that work and serve you at Grand Lodge are so special they make you feel like family and you truly love seeing them and they really make you feel like family. Grand Lodge has been a beautiful and grand way of bringing the family together and spending precious time with them and also enjoying all the mountains and Grand Lodge has to offer. We truly feel this is one of the best investments we have ever made and really feel it brings us so much closer as a family and knowing that when we are gone are family can continue the same love and special times we had together.