HOA’s Most Common FAQ’s


Q.  How do I apply Reward Dollars? (Listed at top right-hand corner of statement.)
A. Reward Dollars can be applied online under “payment options”. Please enter the amount of Reward Dollars you would like to use.

– Reward Dollars can take up to two business days to reflect against your balance due.

– If you own at multiple properties, your Reward Dollar bank will be shown on each statement.

– Instructions for how to apply Reward Dollars are also found on your statement.

Click here to access a guide to assist with use of the financial portal.

Q. What are the two $3 voluntary contributions assessed on the bill?
A. The $6 which shows as part of the total due are the voluntary ARDA-ROC and Summit Foundation donations described in the letter that accompanies your statement. You may simply choose not to pay the $6 and adjust your payment accordingly. Both contributions will be removed from your account as of the due date.

Q. What does the check discount amount mean?
A. The “check discount amount” is the amount to be paid if using a personal checking account, bank bill-pay, or Reward Dollars. Credit and Debit card payments do not receive the check discount amount.

Q. Can I pay by credit or debit card?
A. You can pay HOA dues by credit or debit card. You must submit the “Total Amount Due” using either of these payment methods.

Q. I own biennially (every other year usage), do I pay Owners Association dues every year?
A. Yes. Biennial usage owners pay approximately half the amount that an annual owner pays each year.

Q. Where should I send my payment?
A. (Your Owners Association)
Concord Servicing
PO Box 29352
Phoenix, AZ 85038

Note: Please include your Owners Association account number in the memo section of your check.

Q. Who should the payment be payable to?
A. Your Owners Association. Example – “The Grand Timber Lodge Owners Association”

Q. If I own at multiple properties, can I mail one combined payment?
A. You will need to write separate physical checks for each Owners Association that you are a part of. This is also true if you are sending payment via bill-pay. You must submit one payment for each contract you own.

These payments can be mailed together in the same envelope but must also reference specific Owners Association account numbers in the memo section of the checks.

Q. How do I set up a monthly payment plan on the balance due?
A. Please view your account online at BGV.Myaccountinfo.com. Directly underneath the amount due on your Owners Association homepage, it will provide a link to “set up a payment plan”.

Click here to access a guide to assist with use of the financial portal.

Note: Owners Association payment plans do restrict usage of Bonus Time, Partial Stays and Point Stays until complete. If you decide to pay off the balance early, then the restrictions will lift immediately. Payment plans must complete by the end of the calendar year.

Q. How do I access statements online?
A. You can access your current and previous statements by selecting “E-Statement History” on the main menu.

Note: You can also access your 1098 form for tax purposes here.