Mike Dudick and Mike Millisor, owners, embracing as they honor their lost brother and partner, Rob Millisor.

Our Company

Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV) is the parent company of Grand Timber Lodge, the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 and the Grand Colorado on Peak 8. BGV’s developers, Mike and Rob Millisor along with partner Mike Dudick, have been bringing families together and creating Grand vacations since 1984.

Breckenridge Grand Vacations was built upon the belief that success would be determined by the positive impact the company had on its owners and guests, employees and the community. The developers of the company also embraced the concept that BGV would be the best in sales if they were, first and foremost, the best in customer service. The company has embraced the Net Promoter methodology company-wide, and consistently beats industry averages with its high scores. BGV now creates Grand vacations for over 27,000 owners and employs over 650 staff members.

Tragically, Rob Millisor passed away in October 2015 while on a humanitarian visit to Nepal. His selflessness and insurmountable drive to help others continue to inspire us all, and we are humbled to pay tribute to Rob’s passion for giving back. He is greatly missed by us all but his legacy lives on.

Now, with a company made up of over 650 employees, the developers continue the family feel of a small company, attributing to their success. They make a conscious effort to know each and every employee by name, and they have structured the management and support staff in a way that has fostered communication and mobility within the company.

The management team created the company’s mission statement, “Our Family Commitment: Always Grand Vacations!”, and implemented training programs to guarantee a culture of excellence in customer service for all employees. The resulting five hospitality standards at Breckenridge Grand Vacations are:

  1. We always greet every guest with enthusiasm.
  2. We always treat all guests, vendors, employees – everyone – with respect.
  3. We always make every guest contact positive.
  4. We always take personal responsibility for creating Grand vacations.
  5. We always anticipate guests’ needs.

The soul of BGV is creating smiles! BGV’s purpose statement, sets the stage for impacting the lives not only of our owners and guests, but our employees and our community.

To this day, Mike and Mike believe in a hands-on management style that ensures the level of excellence they expect from their highly-trained staff.