Our Company

Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV) is the parent company of Grand Timber Lodge, the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 and the Grand Colorado on Peak 8. BGV’s developers, Mike and Rob Millisor along with partner Mike Dudick, have been bringing families together and Sharing Smiles since 1984.

Our Legacy

Breckenridge Grand Vacations was built upon the belief that success would be determined by the positive impact the company had on its owners and guests, employees and community. The developers of the company also embraced the concept that BGV would be the best in sales if they were, first and foremost, the best in customer service. BGV now creates Grand vacations for over 30,000 owners and employs over 650 staff members.

Tragically, Rob Millisor passed away in October 2015 while on a humanitarian visit to Nepal. His selflessness and insurmountable drive to help others continue to inspire us. We are humbled by our opportunity to maintain his legacy of compassion and caring.

Sharing Smiles!

Mike Dudick, BGV’s CEO, has long said, “BGV is in the smile business!” We give our Owners and Guests the ability to experience Grand Vacations in a beautiful setting. Who isn’t smiling when they’re on vacation in Breckenridge? But sharing smiles goes beyond that. We work together, as OneBGV, to put smiles on the faces of our coworkers. We create smiles for our neighbors in Summit County and beyond through our philanthropy. We share our time, talent, and treasure through BGV Gives and our Volunteer Time Off benefit. Our sustainability initiatives help ensure smile-filled vacations for future generations.  Why is BGV all about smiles? We know that when we smile, we receive more smiles in return.  Sharing smiles is the foundation of everything we do!

Company Timeline


BGV Gives, launched in 2016, honors Rob Millisor’s legacy of generosity. We’re committed to extending our philanthropic efforts, following Rob’s example of serving others. This program supports nonprofits in Summit County and Park County through various means such as fundraising, sponsorships, and volunteering, with a focus on health, human services, and education.