Qualifications for a Promotional Stay & Tour of the Grand Colorado on Peak 8

To qualify for a promotional package, a 90-minute tour of Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is required in order to receive this rate. Failure to attend the resort preview tour and/or neglecting to meet the qualifications at the time of the tour will result in being charged the non-discounted rate of the stay and/or gifts. Guests must be married or in a committed relationship to qualify for this promotion. Guests who own their home, must make a combined annual income of $125k or greater. Guests who do not own a home, must make a combined annual income of $150k or greater. Spouses, fiancés, live-in partners, and those in a cohabitating relationship, must attend this scheduled appointment together in order to receive this promotion. Existing Breckenridge Grand Vacations owners must attend with any additional parties to the ownership together. Any promotional gift incentives offered are done so at Breckenridge Grand Vacation’s sole discretion and there is no guarantee of any promotional gift incentive offered to any existing or prospective Breckenridge Grand Vacations owner. Only one discounted stay and/or gift per tour, and only two tours per traveling party. If interested in Travel insurance, it must be booked on the same day of booking by 5:00pm MT. Please call our reservations office for inquires.

By accepting these terms and conditions and purchasing this package you are agreeing to receive transactional and commercial emails from Breckenridge Grand Vacations and their subsidiary The Best of Breckenridge

** Guests have up until 14 days prior to arrival to make changes to their stay.